Member Resources

Our member resources are here to provide answers you need. Included are solutions to commonly asked questions, resources from our partner providers, and general information.

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Online Banking


New Users: Contact the Credit Union so we can verify your information. We will then setup your username and give you a temporary password.

Current Users: If you have forgotten your login information, contact the Credit Union so we reset your information and help you log back in.

Transferring Money

You can transfer to your different suffixes under your account and any linked accounts you may have. You can transfer funds right away, or you have the option to setup a scheduled payment.

If you want to transfer to another member's account, you have the ability to do so. Choose the option to transfer to another members accounts in the transfer screen. You'll need to know their last name, member number, and their account type. For transferring to a checking account you'll need to enter 100 in the account type. For savings, you'll need to enter 001 for the main savings on another member's account. Please contact the Credit Union or stop in if you are having trouble transferring to another member's account.

Transferring to your account at another institution is not available through online banking. Please contact the Credit Union to schedule an ACH Origination.


To enroll, login into your account in online banking (desktop or web browser only). In the navigation bar at the top, click on Statements. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete enrollment. You will receive your first E-Statement for the month you enrolled.

Mobile Banking

Download and Registration

Members enrolled in online banking can download and use the RMECU mobile app. No additional passwords are required, as you will use your current login credentials. Our mobile app allows you to transfer money, view E-Statements, and deposit checks remotely.

Simply search for "Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union" or "RMECU" and look for our icon.

Remote Deposit Capture

To use remote deposit capture, log in to the RMECU mobile app. Select "Deposit". This will bring you to the mobile deposit menu. Choose the account you want to deposit to and enter the amount of the check. Next click on the picture of the camera on the left to take a picture of the front of the check, take the picture and then do the same for the back of the check. After both images are taken, click submit at the bottom and it's done!

Currently all checks deposited through the Remote Deposit Capture feature in the Mobile App are reviewed before being credited to your account. Deposits done after normal business hours M -- F are reviewed the following business day. Deposits done on weekends will be done Monday morning.

If you have multiple checks you would like to deposit through the Remote Deposit Capture feature, you have to submit each check separately.

Endorsing Your Checks: Each check that you wish to deposit must have your signed endorsement AND have the words "Remote Deposit Only" or "Mobile Deposit Only" written in the endorsement area for the check to be approved. If you are missing any of that information, the check will get rejected.

Deposit Limits: Currently, checks over $1,000 are not accepted through Remote Deposit Capture.


Brella helps you protect your debit card by sending you alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your account. Users have the option to receive alerts via text or email. You can also check your account balance anytime, turn your card off and on, and find nearby ATMs.


You can setup alerts through the brella® app for purchases exceeding thresholds defined by you, card-not-present purchases, and suspicious or high-risk transactions.

Blocking Your Card

You can set blocks for transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount, internet and phone transactions, and transactions conducted outside of the U.S.

Turning Your Card on/off

You can disable your card if it is lost or stolen, prevent fraudulent activity and control spending.


My RMECU Debit Card and/or VISA Credit Card is expiring soon, when can I expect to receive a new card?

Your RMECU Debit Card or VISA Credit Card expires at the end of the month that is stated on your card. Cards will be mailed at the beginning of the expiration month and you should receive them approximately the 3rd week or sooner of the expiration month.

What is the number to activate my RMECU Debit Card and/or my VISA Credit Card?

The number to activate your RMECU Debit Card is 1-800-717-4923. You’ll be prompted to answer questions to verify your identity. Please make sure RMECU has your current phone number and address to make sure card activation can verify your identity.

The number to activate your VISA Credit Card is 1-800-543-5073

I’m trying to take money out of an ATM, but the card is tells me there is not sufficient funds. Why?

You may be exceeding the daily withdrawal limits that are set on your RMECU Debit Card? Please contact the Credit Union at (262) 637-7274 to assist with your withdrawal.

I’m trying to make a purchase but my RMECU Debit Card is being declined, why?

You may have exceeded the daily purchase limits that are set on your RMECU Debit Card, or our card processor SHAZAM may be blocking the purchase for various reasons, including possible fraud. Please contact the Credit Union at (262) 637-7274 to assist with your debit card purchase.

I need to send/receive a wire transfer. How can I receive that information?

For sending a wire transfer from your RMECU account, we will need to verify the receiving financial institutions information as well as the beneficiary of the funds. Typically, the other financial institution or beneficiary will be able to provide instructions in paper or digital form.

What is my routing and account number for direct deposit?

The routing number for RMECU is 275981420. For checking add 09 after your base account number and for savings add 00 after your base account number.

Why can't I activate my debit card?

The answer could be multiple reasons. If the number you are calling from to activate your card is not on file with the Credit Union, you will not be able to activate your card.

If you are entering a zip code from an address that is not on file with the Credit Union, you will not be able to activate your card.

You can always contact the Credit Union to verify that your information is the most current, and to assist at (262) 637-7274.

When will my Social Security post to my account?

The Social Security Administration provides a calendar that shows when benefits post. It can be found here

How can I cancel a transaction on my debit card?

Debit card transactions cannot be prevented from posting once an authorization has been received from a merchant. You will need to reach out to the merchant and work with them to cancel the transaction or obtain a refund, in the event of fraud, once the transaction actually posts, then RMECU can work with you. Please remember to never share your PIN or let someone else use your debit card.

I received a call or text from Shazam, who is that?

Shazam is our debit card provider and they provide real time monitoring of debit card activity for fraud. If you receive a call or text from them it is important to respond as they may block your card as a precaution for suspicious transactions.

When will my statement be mailed?

Best practice is to have access to your statements immediately is to sign up for Online Banking and e-Statements. Form the date you sign up, your statements will be available electronically for downloading or printing from your device.

Statments that are mailed through the USPS are post dated no later than the 10th of the month.

Why is my available balance less than what I have in my account?

$5.00 is required to be kept in your regular savings account at all times to be a member.

If you have a checking account with a debit card, anytime you use your debit card to make a credit purchase, a hold is placed on funds in your account for up to 72 hours. Once the transaction posts, the hold will be removed. You can always see your available balance in online banking and also on the Shazam Brella app for your debit card.


RMECU cares about your financial health. That's why we've partnered with GreenPath™ Financial Wellness to provide you with access to debt management services, and free one-on-one financial counseling and financial education tools.

To contact GreenPath™ Financial Wellness, contact them by phone at (877) 337-3399 or click on the website button below.


RMECU has partnered with TruStage® to offer auto, home and life insurance products.

Why TruStage®? They have made it simple to protect your family. Forget about the usual red tape. For over 80 years, TruStage® has assisted millions of people by helping protect the financial future of their loved ones with insurance policies designed to be affordable. To learn more, click on the TruStage® Website button below.

Franklin Madison

RMECU works with Franklin Madison to provide ancillary insurance products to aid in you and your families ability to stay on the right track when emergencies or accidents occur.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Covers insured in the event of loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing due to a covered accident.

Hospital Accident Plan
Provides cash benefits to the insured in the event of hospitalization due to a covered accident.

Recuperative Care Plan
Provides cash benefits for hospitalization and recuperation to the insured upon release from the hospital, in the event the insured in hospitalized by a covered accident or sickness.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the Franklin Madison insurance products, please contact the Credit Union at (262) 637-7274 or